Finca Quebrada Chorro


Area: 100,98 ha
Location: Fila Gamba along the Quebrada Chorro, behind the public waterfall Catarata Chorro. 120m - 200 m asl.
Vegetation at purchase: mainly primary forest, small parts were old abandoned pastures that haven’t been cultivated since 1998.
Date of purchase: April 24th, 2018.
Funding: Gifted by the Reserva Privada Quebrada Chorro (Mathilde Halla
Peter Neudecker, Gernot Neuwirth, Peter Weish, Richard Weixler)
Forest conservation


The Finca Quebrada Chorro is located close to the waterfall Quebrada Chorro on the Fila Gamba, a chain of hills that separates the La Gamba Valley and the Gulf of Golfito. The finca originally was a private forest reserve (Reserva Privada Quebrada Chorro) and owned by Mathilde Halla, Peter Neudecker, Gernot Neuwirth, Peter Weish and Richard Weixler. The finca was officially handed over to the Tropical Field Station La Gamba in 2018 for activities concerning research and conservation.   

The area of the finca is strongy structured. There are several small creeks, gorges and steep slopes, which is why the finca is of limited access. The Forest Reserve Golfito is located a short distance from the finca, creating a direct corridor to the rainforests of the forest reserve. The many small creeks that traverse the Finca Quebrada Chorro make it an important water protection area. The finca is suited for research in the primary forest.