Finca Mundo


Area: 54,29 ha

Location: Río Bonito Valley, across from Finca Luis. 70m - 160 m asl.

Vegetation at purchase: Primary and secondary forest, riverine vegetation.

Date of purchase: July 22nd, 2018.
Funding: Verein Regenwald der Österreicher

Projects: Forest conservation


The Finca Mundo borders the Río Bonito to the south and protects a strip of shoreline of approx. 550 m length. A range of hills (max. 160 m asl.) is situated behind it, which is made up of primary and secondary rainforests. A small creek traverses the property and creates a remarkable habitat for giant herbaceous plants of the Araceae, Marantaceae and Costaceae families. The Finca Mundo has a connection to the primary forests of the National Park Piedras Blancas and stretches farther north towards the Fila Cal through a connection with another finca.