Finca Hermenegildo


Area: 14 ha

Location: La Bolsa Valley, approx. 3 km south of La Gamba. Ca. 150 m asl.

Vegetation at purchase: Primary and secondary forest.

Date of purchase: July 22nd, 2016. Gifted by the Verein Regenwald der Österreicher

Planned projects:
Forest conservation


The Finca Hermenegildo is located in the head valley of the Quebrada La Bolsa and borders the Finca La Bolsa and some primary forests, which in turn border the National Park Piedras Blancas and the forest reserve Golfito, thus creating a direct connection to the primary forest areas of the national park.

The finca is richly structured and exhibits areas with differing degrees of inclination and exposition. So far, no research has been conducted at the finca.