Tropical Field Station La Gamba


Area: 5,87ha

Location: Surrounding the buildings of the Tropical Field Station La Gamba. 70-110m asl.  

Vegetation prior to purchase: Primary forest, secondary forest, riverine vegetation, abandoned cacao plantation, garden and buildings.

Date of purchase: February 2nd, 2007. Gifted by the Verein Regenwald der Österreicher

Trail system for education and research, scientific infrastructure of the field station, botanical garden.  


Aside from the scientific infrastructure and the botanical garden, the property of the field station also has an area consisting of near-natural vegetation. Especially the areas south of the Quebrada Negra are near-natural and are home to species-rich secondary forests. The Mirador trail with a view over the valley leads through these old secondary forests and through small ecosystems typical of the lowland rainforest (ravine and slope forest, old cacao plantation, shore vegetation).